Fantastic Mid-century Modern Style Ideas

Mid-century modern style never goes out of fashion. Maybe it’s the reason interior designers praise it a lot. The design became popular in the 1940s, and for a good cause, it’s people’s favourite. It’s easy to live with it and stylish. In case you are wondering, what does the design entail?

What is a Mid-century Modern Design?

The design hit the mainstream in the 1940s and included interior, architectural, industrial, and graphic design. The terrific furniture design by designers Harry Bertoia, George Nelson, Arne Jacobsen, Charles, and Ray Eames and the architectural ones by Rudolph Schindler and Richard Neutra fall under the mid-century design. The design was inspired by the migration to urban areas after World War II and the new tech and materials. Here are a few mid-century style ideas you can use in your home.

Mix and Match Couple of Styles

Just because your property is not Mid-century doesn’t mean you cannot apply it. A few simple lines with a purity of design combined with the fascinating beauty of wood can bring out the aura of a Mid-century look, especially if you team it up with Ercol sofas. One of the great things about this design is that it can blend with other designs.

Redo your Lights

Light is a vital factor in every design. If you look in mid-century modern homes, you’ll notice some modern marvels incredibly dangling from the ceilings. Pendant lings and fixtures are more than functional lights. They are part of sculptural art. Many artists can make these lights, and it’s not just any usual style, so don’t go looking for lamp sets.

Turn your Living Room All-White

White is a neutral color, and therefore bright-toned. It makes surfaces look modern. It’s an excellent choice for those planning to try mid-century living room design. White also blends with any color such as green plants, dark sofa, or dep brown tables. White also absorbs natural light coming into the room.

Include a Bar

A bar with a variety of your favorite alcohol is nostalgic in bringing back the ‘40s. Fill the bar with expensive liquors, vintage glasses, and a cocktail shaker. You can either have a built-in bar or bar cart, according to your preferences. You can wheel the cart around whenever you have parties, but it remains a perfect accessory for a mid-century home.

Combining simplicity with innovation, comfort, and quality is the right approach to achieve a mid-century style in your home. For more ideas, check out Tylko’s mid-century modern style guide.