Check Out These Sideboard Styling Tips

A well-styled sideboard can transform a hidden space into a focal point. For instance, a hallway or entry points are areas that homeowners mostly overlook when styling the home, but a sideboard can add style to the space without breaking design functionality. Still, you need to creatively style up the sideboard to add an aesthetic appeal to it. Below, we discuss some sideboard styling ideas to help those looking for a new sideboard style.

One-Side Cluster

Make a bold statement by styling your vintage wooden sideboard on one side using a collection of your precious and favourite ceramics. You can find a cluster of white ceramics and create a mini-artwork. The advantage of using the one-side cluster is that you can easily play around with them when you find inspiration or come up with a particular style. If you have a sideboard, you might want to be on the lookout for unique ceramics when you hit the flea market.

Add a Book Stack

One of the easiest ways of styling the sideboard is using a stack of books. Create an eye-catching element by finding hard-covered books and placing them on the sideboard. The secret is to choose books and magazines with attractive covers and titles. You can either arrange the books horizontally or vertically. Regardless, find a creative way of holding the books together instead of using a standard bookend. For example, a stylish jar with beautiful flowers can be an excellent bookend, especially when the colour contrasts with that of the sideboard.

Style Your Dinner

The traditional purpose of a sideboard was to place food items when serving dinner or supper. Once dinner was over, the food was left there covered if a guest came over so they could also have a share.

Apart from creating more space on the dining table, dressing your dinner sideboard also provides you with an opportunity to display your treasured tableware and food-related souvenirs. Alternatively, you can have a gorgeous candelabra for a candlelit dinner and place a large mirror above the sideboard to reflect the ambient light and attract attention to the sideboard.

Some sideboards come with a unique design and colors, and they can speak a statement style by themselves. If you have such a sideboard, it would be best to keep the d├ęcor to a minimal. One or two accessories are perfect.